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Snoopy, now Lucy

GHAS - Our Mission & Goals

The first Green Hills Animal Shelter Committee was formed in 1999. By 2000, the group had become a federal non-profit corporation and had matured into a 12-member Board of Directors. The years since then have been busy. Grants were written, funds raised, building plans and blueprints for a new building were created.

When a building was donated to the Green Hills Animal Shelter by Maggie Bush, the Board of Directors decided to renovate the former Maggie's Mess into an animal shelter. This was ultimately not to be, but the Board of Directors was able to use the building for years as a home base for Adoption Days, Obedience Classes and Fundraising events.

The Board continued to do community outreach and humane education during this time. The "Being Pet Friendly" newspaper column has been published twice a month in the Trenton Republican Times since 2001. A radio spot, the "Animal-Humane Connection", has been aired twice a month on KTTN since 2002. Alliances were formed with rescue groups in Kansas City and around the USA in a successful effort to find new homes for animals.

The Board was reenergized in 2007 when Orscheln's Farm and Home Supply donated their old Trenton store building to the Green Hills Animal Shelter. Building plans were created, zoning was approved, and the Board decided that there was enough money in the building fund to begin renovations.

In less than two years, the interior of that building was transformed. The Board is grateful for the community support shown during this phase. Local businesses supplied some materials at cost. Items were donated. Much of the actual labor was done by Board members.

Since the formation of GHAS, the Board has learned an enormous amount about the legal and business side of running an animal shelter. Alliances have been formed with city and county officials so that they can benefit from our services. After 10 years of dreaming and planning, the Green Hills Animal Shelter became a reality as a permanent animal shelter facility to serve our community.

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